Bloom Mission Statement

Bloom is a compassionate, supportive company aimed at offering services to help moms feel their best postpartum. We believe that when moms feel better, families are healthier, which leads to stronger communities. We work hard to build awareness about the positive benefits of safe placenta encapsulation and respect all educated opinions. We believe in a multi-faceted postpartum care approach which may include resources for baby care, self-care, nutrition, exercise, and emotional support. We are non-judgmental and want mothers to feel supported in their choices, including how and where they give birth and how they choose to feed their baby. We know the best way for a mother to have birth satisfaction is to make sure she is making informed decisions about what is best for HERself, HER baby, and HER family.

Bloom's Purpose

Our purpose at Bloom is to help new and expecting mothers' through the changes they are experiencing during pregnancy and postpartum.  The following video explains more behind our purpose and what we can do to help you.

Meet our Team

Shannon Shepherd

Shannon Shepherd, APPAC, has been a doula and placenta encapsulation specialist since 2014. Shannon is passionate about helping women and families be their best and strongly believes that the right postpartum care is a large part of this. She has seen absolute miracles from her clients after placenta encapsulation was utilized and hopes to share this with more people. Shannon resides in Roy, Utah with her husband and four children. Shannon is also a trained hypno doula and serves on the board of The Mothers' Nest.

Shannon Shepherd, APPCA

Jennifer Shepherd

After experiencing postpartum depression with the birth of her first child, Jen Shepherd, APPAC, has looked for opportunities to support mothers who battle through the same challenge. When presented with the chance to join Bloom and play a role in providing amazing benefits to mothers, she knew this is what she should be doing. With her husband and three children, Jen is living in Clearfield, Utah.

As Featured on Good Things Utah

Shortly after opening the Bloom Women's Center, we were featured on Good Things Utah.  We discussed many topics, from placenta encapsulation to the purpose of the new women's center.  Here is the full interview of Shannon Shepherd.

Disclaimer: The act of ingesting placenta in any form has not been tested, nor approved by the FDA. The services offered by Bloom Birth LLC are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. All claims of treatment on this site are from client experiences and not from medical testing.
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