Placenta Encapsulation FAQ's

Booking and Pickup Process

Where do you process (encapsulate) my placenta?

I had my baby, now what?

How soon will I have my pills?

How should I store my placenta until pick up?

Do you add anything extra to the pills?


My husband is grossed out by this, what should I say to him?


What are the placenta pills dosage guidelines?

Encapsulation Methods

What is the difference between the Traditional Method (Steamed) and the Raw Start Method of encapsulation?

Is there an after taste?

Is there a smell?

How much do you charge?


I heard a baby got sick from placenta capsules.  Can my baby get sick too?

How long after birth can a placenta be encapsulated?

How do you ensure the safety of my placenta if it has been stained by Meconium?

Does the placenta work like a sponge or filter and holds onto toxins?

Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I have had an induction, pain medication and/or cesarean birth?

Tincture Instructions

What can I use my tincture for?

How is a tincture made?

How do I use my tincture?

How do I store my tincture?

Training and Background

What is your training?

How did you get started encapsulating women’s placentas?


Why (ON EARTH!!!) would someone choose to eat their placenta?

What are the benefits?


Bloom Birth Utah, LLC and Bloom Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are not pharmacists, pharmaceutical representatives, holistic practitioners, herbalists, or medical doctors. Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research, but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Placenta Encapsulation as it pertains to this contract agreement is for natural nutritional supplementation and is intended solely for ingestion by the mother who has birthed the placenta(s) and not for her family members, friends, or other individuals.

This is a natural nutritional supplement, and as such, cannot be guaranteed to produce specific results. The services offered by Bloom Birth Utah, LLC are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize the services take full responsibility of their own health and for researching and using the remedies. Bloom Placenta Encapsulation Specialists make no guarantee as to the capsule efficacy, but do guarantee the highest quality of service and preparation.

Always speak to your care provider regarding any questions about your health, safety and well-being. Placenta services are not meant to be a replacement for medical advice, medical care or medicine. Mothers experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, low milk supply, or any other clinical concerns need to speak with their medical care provider to diagnose and treat any existing symptoms or potential conditions. While many women have found placenta encapsulation to be a wonderful and amazing gift, you are still encouraged to seek appropriate assistance and medical care when necessary. It is always okay to ask for help.

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Disclaimer: The act of ingesting placenta in any form has not been tested, nor approved by the FDA. The services offered by Bloom Birth LLC are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. All claims of treatment on this site are from client experiences and not from medical testing.
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