Why Bloom? - My Passion Behind What I do

October 2018

You know that conversation you have with an old friend you haven't seen for years?  That awkward conversation that begins with things like, "What are you up to?" and "Do you have kids?"  The whole point of the conversation is to catch up with each other.  Usually, in that conversation, I get asked about where I work.  When I tell them I own a small business that specializes in Placenta Encapsulation, I get many different looks ranging from curious to confusion.  As I explain in more detail, I feel a deep burning passion inside of me about what I do.


A little about my background

My passion for what I do really began as a child. Seeing my mother struggle with mental illness instilled a burning desire in my to help moms. Over the years, I avoided receiving help, like many women, but in 2012, in the middle of a less than ideal situation, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In my hopes of doing what was best for her, I chose to place this baby for adoption. Because of the struggles I had been going through, I chose to have my lovely Aunt Jill, who is also a birth Doula, present for this delivery.  This was my second child and I did not have a Doula present for my first. The difference was amazing! This ignited a passion in me to not only help moms, but to help them know and understand how valuable it is to be informed and know your options when you are pregnant and giving birth. Also, to know and understand the amazing experiences our births can be when we have support around us. I became a Doula because of that experience. My time as a Doula was hard, especially with the birth of more children of my own and the time required to be on call and away from them. But I will always consider being asked to attend birth for so many clients, family members and friends as some of the greatest privileges of my life.  As a Doula, I was introduced to the concept of Placenta Encapsulation and how it could help my clients.  I often joke that I took one for the team and began practicing placenta encapsulation for people who wanted it.  My clients' shared great feedback about how placenta encapsulation was helping them and I knew I had found my passion.

There must be a better way!

My start began like so many others doing placenta encapsulation - I was doing it out my own kitchen.  As I began doing encapsulations more and more, I realized there had to be a higher standard for doing it.  I discovered a certification class offered by the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts and became certified to help more women feel comfortable about placenta encapsulation.  We created our professional kitchen for the same reason.  Bloom has the ONLY APPA certified placenta encapsulation specialists in Utah with the only professional placenta kitchen north of Salt Lake.

The idea for the Bloom Womens' Center

Knowing that placenta encapsulation is not for everyone, I thought of other ways I could help women feel supported during pregnancy and postpartum.  That is where the idea for the Bloom Womens' Center came to light.  At the heart of the Bloom Womens' Center is our placenta kitchen, where we help women feel better through placenta encapsulation.  The center also offers classes and support groups, such as Yoga and infant feeding classes, to aid mothers along their incredible motherhood journey.

Where do I go for more information?

Our website is filled with information about the services offered at Bloom.  I invite you to check out the Bloom Womens' Center, located in Roy near the Ogden-Hinckley airport.  I also invite you to chat with one of our placenta encapsulation specialists to answer any of your questions.  To call or chat with myself or Jen, click the Chat Now button below.

Disclaimer: The act of ingesting placenta in any form has not been tested, nor approved by the FDA. The services offered by Bloom Birth LLC are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. All claims of treatment on this site are from client experiences and not from medical testing.
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